Monday, October 23, 2006

hilarious morning

so this morning, i had about 17 million things to do...being the first day back into the office after a set of conferences and quite a big gala event.

so. i set the alarm for 6am. my sleep last night was horrendous. I woke up at 3am and thought i was ready for the day. i think my body is used to lack of sleep, so it was just set after 4 hours of continuos wake up. So from 3 - 4 i was wide awake. debating if i should get up and finish my christmas list. needless to say, the 6am alarm actually turned into a "OMG it's 7:45am" moment. And truth be told, I am not so much a snooze girl. my alarm goes off...and i am up. 2 reasons, usually i don't give myself enough time to engage in an extra 9 minutes. and jack takes the alarm a little too literal. what dog knows the sound of an alarm clock to mean, he gets to know go sleep on the couch all alone while his owner showers. he knows the routine way too much...this morning i think he must have got tired standing at the door waiting for me to pull myself out of bed to let him out of our room. so he snuggled back into bed until the OMG it's 7:45am dance came into effect.

so it's 7:45am. The car rental is due back at 8am. Of course, I didn't get gas last night, and of course, i still need to drop jack off at doggie day care! So i pull myself out of the world's quickest shower. (again, my usual routine is to go downstairs and turn on the heat...) who has time for the luxury of heat when you have 15 minutes to do everything i needed to accomplish. So. I pried myself out of the ice cold shower. To run into my room and get ready. jack. still in bed. I don't think he completely understood what was happening. We ran out the door. jack knew because we were exiting out the back door that some kind of car ride woudl pursue. so that made his day.

I speed over to doggie day care. run jack in ...without his leash. He spent the weekend being amazing at getting into the car all over the place and coming into places with me with no leash. so I was kind of used to it. however. in doggie daycare. it's a bit different. so out i ran to get jacks leash. I proceeded to come back in to arrange jack's "doggie bus" ride home from doggie daycare. only to notice that my wallet was in my car. i ran back outside to get my wallet. came back in. to discover that I didn't have my bank card. Run back outside. I don't know if you can see the pattern yet. but i wasn't really pulled together.

I zoomed into a full service gas station. the gas attendant was very patient with me...while I cleaned out the car and used the lint brush in the back to get the reminants of jack out of the car. poor gas attendant sat there idoly waiting for me to finish!! I had no idea. i htought he was still pumping gas.

then. the kicker! i went to drop off the car. with rave reviews on thursday of "chris" the man who helped me at the car rental location. I really liked him and thought we clicked right away! had some great conversation. and for some reason, i knew that he would be there this morning. So I walk inot the rental location and Chris came up to serve me (see...he liked me too!) so he serves me. and asks "do you need a ride anywhere'....and I had thought about htis already. I knew that this was a service that they provided. and of course I wanted chris to take me somewhere...but I dind't want to say work...that was too high maintenance. It would have been too far. So I thought I would request a ride to the subway. Easy request. SO chris gets in teh car to take me to the subway. which my friends, WAS HALF A BLOCK AWAY. I was mortified. he laughed at me. Cuz I almost died. I didn't know it was so close! I then felt liek the most high maitenance person in teh world. Our departure was hilarious. I felt so dumb. and was laughing so hard at myself. So my plan back-fired a bit. His departing sentence was "hope to see you soon....*LAUGHING HYSTERICALLY* Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh my gawd.

I pulled it off though. got to work on time. had a few moments to clean off the desk and pull myself together before I started my day.


Maria said...

oh bj...that one had me in stitches!!

Anonymous said...

So damn funny. Kinda sounds like something that would have happened to me. lol. -Shanna