Sunday, October 22, 2006


i haven't been consistently posting for awhile now. It's not becuase i haven't had anything to say. it may even be quite the contrary. i have had lots to say. even more to feel and significantly more to do.

i have had a whole lots of "stuff" happening in my life. work has definately been intense, with lots of deadlines and tones of events. last night marked the end of a few events/deadlines/era's. and i am not quite sure how i feel about it. Living in a land of 'should have's" is really my thing. I keep trying to bring myself away from saying "I should have done this or I should have done that" ....and getting past that. I see that I had/have a busy and full life and did a great job. the great news to this story. it's somewhat over. I still have an active and full life...hands down. Just on to new goals. I really enjoy having new and fresh starts (dont we all)?

Somethings I am looking forward too in my new stage.
  • Frances winning City councillor for ward 13
  • CHRISTMAS --hellO! gotta start making those gifts now
  • my class (3 week intense program from university of conneticut in student affairs on working with the millenials).
  • utilizing my gym membership
  • spending time with jack enjoying the autumn (since it's my favourite time of year)
  • playing board games with my friends
  • cooking
  • re-introducing reading. (I am the typical binge reader!) I want to incorporate reading on a balanced level.
  • blogging more

these are things that really motivate and inspire me :)

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