Friday, September 08, 2006

independent boy

jack has been hilarious lately. the night before last, jack slept downstairs all night & all by himself. he heard the alarm clock rumble, so jack quietly snuck into my room. I guess he didn't want to hurt my feelings. silly guy. the only thing being, the alarm clock wakes me up, so I did notice that he wasn't there. not to mention, when he snuck in he was so excited....tail wagging, ears back, long body wiggle....i know you weren't here all night jack...unless he was saying "thank you" for letting me sleep downstairs. I'm unsure. So after that whole night of being 'jack free' i come home from work, and smelly stays outside ALL night. he comes back in the house around 9.....thanks jack. so i guess what all the detail includes, is that my boy is independent than ever. and can't say that i absolutely love it. i guess in the end, as long as he is happy. now i know how my mom felt when i went away to university ;)

the great thing about all of's the weeeeekend. it will be a whole weekend of stuffing and work. but that's okay, i somehow enjoy the ability to physically see how far you get on a project. hmm.

off to see the wizard.

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