Sunday, September 24, 2006


just got back from fredericton. and i know most of you are going to be shocked (sarcasm) when you find out that I fell in love with fredericton. i want to move there so unbelievably bad. it's huge river front city, with lots of green (and at this point, the hints of red, orange, yellow and fall) the houses were fabulous. huge houses. for a really great price. lots of yard, garden, area. so if i have not yet sold you on fredericton, let me get to the very selling point. i absolutely loved how friendly and warm all the people were in new brunswick. every person talked to me, wheter it was the attendant at the airport, our servers, or just studnets on campus. everyone chatted up a storm and were so pleasant. i loved it.
i got in pretty late last night and spent the morning cuddlying with jack. I missed him. I went to the farmers market in fredericton and brought home some cheese curds. this mornign for breakfast jack and i had cheese curds from fredericton! how great? i took a lot of pictures, so will post later. Probably once i get back from alberta. in the meantime, glad to be home and with my boy.

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