Sunday, August 20, 2006

a weekend of being content.

this weekend i ditched almost every responsibility i had and spent almost the entire weekend outside on the deck reading. what a wonderful weekend. i need to spend more of my "free" time divulging in such luxury.

i also purchased a new bed. i love it. i want to be in it all the just to find someone (other than jack) to spend some time in it *devilish grin*. speaking of a bed. i want to go to bed and read....i also purchased 3 books this would think that I am spending a little too much lately on myself...last week a palm pilot...this week a bed and 3 month is a lot of bills paying and then once october rolls's the holiday buying and strict budget again.

for the first part of 2006, i really cleared up some of my bills and made it my committment. it really worked well. i got 3 bills completely cleared up. wow. i also paid down some of my loans. overall, i think that 2006 was the year of the thrift bjo...which was needed inorder to be inline with my goal of purchasing my own house in 2010.....especially if i am still solo at that point.

okay..didn't i say this was a weekend of content...not a weekend of anything to my new bed ...for my visual it is.

edit * having troubles posting pictures right now* will post later

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