Tuesday, August 15, 2006

3 is a big difference

jack turns 3 years old in a few weeks. we celebrate on Sept 2nd. i don't really know when his birthday is though, he was a small abandoned pup when I adopted him so little was known about him. so we picked september 2nd to celebrate. will have a doggie party at high park....he loves seeing his dog friends.
he is still changing so much though. i can really see his changes the past few weeks. he is really content with life and more than ever he wants to make me happy and he listens like it's nobodies busines. i am really so proud of him.
i guess it's his turn into adult-hood. in human years, he is 21 next month. my babies all grown up! :( thought i would share how much my boy is growing up. I had dreams of getting him a kitten for his birthday. i felt that he would love to have a companion. but am starting to second guess my desires. I feel as though it would help me feel less guilty when i cut down on dog walking.....because jack wouldn't be alone at home. he would be with his kitten. but on the otherhand. i don't know that jack would be super happy with me getting another pet (although it would be his, technically, i would have to take care of it)......so not sure what to do...

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