Thursday, June 01, 2006

basement apartment - sing it sarah

as the song is brillantly sung by sara harmer of basement apartments and their charm, I sit and grieve the loss of my basement apartment. the things i miss about it; being it is SOO much cooler in the summer time. Oh my. it made sleeping bareable. and while jack had no space, I knew that he wasn't going to die from the heat while I was out of the house at work enjoying the air conditioning. i miss the garden, i loved running out the backyard for tomatoes.lettuce. cucumbers. fresh herbs. i miss how clean it was. all wood floors made for super easy cleaning only 2 hours and I had a very clean house! new house takes at least one day off my weekends. Which is consistently sucking my time and energy. and most importantly i miss the water. all things considered, it was gross water (lake ontario) but something so calming about walking along the beach every morning. i loved watching the sunrise with coffee. jack misses his daily swims. i don't miss his STENCH from Lake i guess that is almost balanced.

oh my little basement apartment.

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Maria L said...

Oh make me laugh...the bigger the house, the longer it takes to clean...especially since you have a roommate....and I don't mean Jack!! ha ha ha! I need to clean my house - it's really yucky! Thanks-a-God the little one is not even close to crawling yet!